The Leadership Team is comprised of the Principal, Assistant Principal, Religious Education Coordinator and Primary Coordinators, who are responsible for setting the operational agenda and goals of the school as driven by the Strategic and Annual Plan. This group of dynamic individuals is each responsible for key aspects of the school life.

St Paul's staff work closely with Allied Health professionals to support students in our school environment. We currently have access to a Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapist, along with a registered Psychologist and Pastoral Care Worker.


Principal: Stacey Mullin 

Assistant Principal: Paul Toomey (Acting 2020-2021)

Administration: Sharon MacFarlane Brooker, Paula West  

REC: Robert Temesvary 

Co-ordinators: Bradley Sabotic; Nicole Woodward (Temporary 2021 covering Paul Toomey Acting AP 2021) 

Leading teacher: Susan Campbell 

Teaching Staff: 

Kinder:  Danielle Clarke, Amanda King 

Year 1: Kate Cooper/Erin Tobin, Kristen Coleman 

Year 2:  Kate Jordan, Nicola Gillies/Bernadette Burgess 

Year 3: Philip Burgess, Louisa Shears/Grace Davies 

Year 4: Nicole Woodward, Rob Temesvary 

Year 5: Carmel Boland, Val Hassett/Belinda Ryan 

Year 6:  Zoe DeanKristen Pryor 

ATSI Teacher: Stephanie Wilson (4 days per week) 

Library: Michelle Philpott (Teacher Librarian), Rachael Sharpe (Library Assistant 2 days Thurs/Fri), Ruth Beaver (Library Assistant 1day Tues)

KLA Specialists: Diana Dastoor (Japanese), Paul Toomey (PE), Clare Gillis (Music),  

LSTs: Bradley Sabotic, Emma Cagney 

Psychologist: Vicki McLaughlin; 

Pastoral Care Worker: Sister Joseph 

OccupationaTherapist: Paula Hartigan; 

Speech Pathologist: Jayen Francis 

LSAs: Diane Lawler, Tracey Scarr, Mandy Shipard, Rosina Broadley, Mildred Slaney, Elissa Purdon, Robyn Wright, Stephanie Marr, Diana Dastoor. 

Grounds & Maintenance: Paula Threlfo 

Canteen: Rebecca Walker (3 days Wed, Thurs, Fri)

Uniform Shop: Elissa Purdon (Mon, Wed, Fri) 

staff photo