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The NSW Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Science & Technology K-6 (2012)  provides learning experiences in the areas of Science and Technology, incorporating Working Scientifically and Working Technologically which will assist in meeting the needs of both students and the wider community. The focus is on enquiry and problem solving through first hand experiences.

Science and Technology are closely related. The nature of this relationship can vary depending upon the particular learning experiences.

The aim of the Science and Technology K–6 Syllabus is to:

  • Foster students’ sense of wonder and expand their natural curiosity about the world around them in order to develop their understanding of, interest in and enthusiasm for science and technology.
  • Develop students' competence and creativity in applying the processes of Working Scientifically and Working Technologically to appreciate and understand the Natural Environment and Made Environment.
  • Enhance students' confidence in making evidence-based decisions about the influences of science and technology in their lives.
  • Enable students to confidently respond to needs and opportunities when designing solutions relevant to science and technology in their lives.
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