Making Jesus Real & Positive Behaviours for Learning

St Paul's uses two frameworks to set learning through positive behaviours that reflect the teaching and example of Jesus. Positive Behaviours for Learning and Making Jesus Real inform our rules.

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is designed to foster a relationship with Jesus that is real to the students and relevant to their daily lives. MJR is based on the belief that we are the image of Jesus to all people around us. We are His representatives and our actions should reflect His values as taught in the Gospel. Jesus told us that we are all part of His family and that the way we treat others should be reflective of the way we would treat Him.   

Matrix of Expected Behaviours

  • I am Respectful
  • I am Responsible
  • I am Ready to Learn
  • At St Pauls every day is a MJR Day
  • We make Jesus Real in the way we Greet, Treat and Speak to others Respectfully
  • We make Jesus Real through our Daily Actions
  • We make Jesus Real when we are tuned in to look for God Moments and Spread the Good News

All Settings





Entries/Exits/ Pathways

Afternoon Dismissal

Greet, Treat and Speak to others respectfully

Put your hand up

to speak

Sticks and stones

stay on the


Say please and thankyou

Use toilet paper, taps and soap correctly

Wait quietly before entering rooms

Walk quickly and  quietly to your dismissal meeting area

Follow directions

Allow others to


Keep our hands

and feet to


Line up and wait your turn

Flush the toilet

Walk at all times

Remain seated while waiting

Respect others and school


Are equipped,

prepared and

ready to learn

Play by the rules

Buy food and use money for yourself only

Allow people


Line up quickly when the bell rings


Walk at all times

Care for others

Take pride in all

our work

Follow teacher



Play outside

Sit down while waiting to go back into class


students hanging poster